For 33 years Carrara Marmotec has been representing the potential of Carrara and its famous marble in the world, and is still a point of reference for all international professionals in the stone industry who wish to attend technical seminars, training courses, practical demonstrations of that typical “Made in Italy” craftsmanship that only a region  like Carrara can boast.


The world is changing and Carrara Marmotec  is ready to change with it, evolving in a new concept-event that turns it from a conventional fair to a place of relationships and experiences, contaminations and technological innovation for the betterment of the supply chain.



The starting point for this change takes shape from the new “face” of the Carrara trade fair that has seen the light in 2017: WHITE CARRARA DOWNTOWN, held in June 2017 to enhance the local supply chain and to highlight the traits of typicality of the Carrara region, features that cannot be replicated nor exported  outside Carrara and its surroundings and that proved to be able to attract huge audiences of professionals,buyers,  architects and investors from all over the world. Believing that these features belong to the purest Carrara DNA, to its centuries-old quarrying tradition and to the know-how of its craftsmen, IMM conceived the idea of widespread exhibition to show the world that Carrara, with its hundreds of quarries, companies and manufacturers, is  itself an all year round exhibition  where marble goes on stage every day of the year, with or without a trade fair dedicated to it. In this format, business, territorial marketing and food & wine tradition, wisely blended together by the IMM team, wish to redefine Carrara’s urban identity  – starting right from the culture of marble – and to attract numbers of visitors from abroad and from the neighbouring cities and regions.

As the spin-off held in 2017 proved, the event has also outlined new roles for a territory that for centuries has identified its excellence in marble and yet is still struggling to affirm its value as  element of tourist attraction: an aspect on which IMM  is working intensively for the 2018 edition, to make people more and more interested in discovering the incredible the world of quarries and to spread the culture of natural stone worldwide.