Live a unique experience by visiting one of the most fascinating territories in Tuscany, famous all over the world for its marble and its quarries. From the sea to the mountains, passing through the old town of Carrara and walking around the sculpture workshops, you will discover the secrets of a place where Michelangelo spent a total of two years, side by side with the masters of marble sculpture.


Taking up the challenge of revitalising the historical local stone trade fair and with the aim of creating synergies to promote production (i.e. the complete industry chain and the Made in Italy excellence) and the typical features of the territory where the Tuscan marble district is located, White Carrara Downtown will once again be a trade fair “spread over the territory”, a format which proved a great success in 2018.


Again in 2019, there will be a rich programme of initiatives and events “for all tastes in marble” in the name of art, culture and “Made in Carrara” food and wine.  These aspects, combined with creativity and experience, focus on the urban and cultural identity of Carrara. Hence, the event attracts visitors from all over Italy and abroad as well as international industry players, designers, architects, creating new roles for a territory whose pure marble and quarries are its most powerful tourist attractions… which are still not exploited to the full.


The discovery of the town of Marble
Unique panoramas and 2000 years of art and culture

  • Tour in 4-wheel

    Drive of the white marble quarries of Carrara

  • Urban Trekking:

    Walking tour in the old town of Carrara, the monuments

  • Sculpture

    Visit to the sculpture workshops and “Sculpture Classes”

  • Trekking "over the city"

    Discovering the villages in the mountains

  • Tasting

    Tasting “Local Carrara Food&Wine” in Colonnata

Discovering the surrounding area
Lunigiana, Lucca, Le Cinque Terre

  • Walking tour

    In the old town of Lucca, monuments and walls

  • Oil Tasting

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

  • Tour of Lunigiana

    Discovering the wonderful area of Lunigiana

  • Cycling tourism

    A leisurely cycling tour of the territory

  • Tour on foot of the Cinque Terre

    Trekking routes


Info & Booking

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