The new project by IMM, Internazionale Marmi e Macchine S.p.A., for the promotion of the Carrara Marble District will be presented during the next Fuorisalone in Milan.

“La Luce del Marmo”, the project for the local development of the stone sector in the Apuan Alps area, will see the light in the transitional year in between the two editions of CarraraMarmotec. The event will take place from April 4 to 8, 2017 in the framework of Space&Interiors ‒ exhibiting area conceived and managed by MADE Expo organisers and only event directly connected to Salone del Mobile – at The Mall, Porta Nuova, Milan. The initiative, organised by IMM in partnership with Looping, creative and consulting agency, under the artistic direction of Angelo Dadda, is supported by Comune di Carrara and ADI – Association for Industrial Design.
The exhibition, dedicated to design, will focus on three key topics : Carrara Marble, lightness and light as the essential element for the enhancement of stone materials and shapes, consistently with Euroluce exhibition which will be held simultaneously.

Marble products will be displayed over a 350 sq. m. area meant to recreate a “museum path” where every object – created ad hoc by a company in collaboration with a famous designer – will be enlightened so as to enhance the beauty of the noble stone material thanks to the know-how of Targetti Sankey, company renowned all over the world for its museum installations, in this occasion technical partner of the event.
The symbol of the event, Block The Rock, is a majestic block of Carrara marble, skilfully lighted-up from the inside. The block will be placed in the square in front of the entrance of Space&Interiors. BlockTheRock will be the perfect icon to ‘welcome’ visitors, that will convey the key message of the event also during the Fuorisalone evenings in Milan.
Eight exhibiting companies: Campolonghi, Errebi Marmi, Fibra, Franchi Umberto Marmi, Garfagnana Innovazione, G.M.C. Graniti Marmi Colorati (in partnership with Jing Living Furniture Design), Marmi Carrara and Sa.Ge.Van. Marmi. Companies will collaborate with important designers that, for the occasion, will transform the “white gold” of Carrara – through their art and passion ‒ shaping visually impressing works and products .

Among them, the Japanese architect and writer Kengo Kuma – founder, in 1990, of the international studio Kengo Kuma & Associates and famous master renowned for his ability to wisely interpret the concept of lightness related to natural stone – will present with Franchi Umberto Marmi the art installation Erodescape. Bernarda Franchi, owner of the company, based in Carrara, points out how “marble, more than any other constructional element, recalls the massiveness and gravity, it is reinterpreted through a dematerialising process which evokes an idea of lightness and smoothness. Erodescape seems to have been shaped all over the centuries by the slow erosion caused by natural elements, such as water and wind, and not by the sophisticated processes with which the surfaces have been actually sculpted”.

Fabio Novembre, a world-renowned architect for his visionary approach to natural stone, in partnership with Campolonghi – a company that collaborates with the most important design and architectural studios worldwide – has reinvented HER, the iconic anthropomorphic chair by Casamania that celebrates the beauty and the elegance of the human body. Giuliano D’Angiolo, owner of Campolonghi, defines the event in Milan “a new and important approach by IMM that associates marble to the Made in Italy brand through professional design”.

Stefano Coiai, head of Garfagnana Innovazione, poins out that “with the attendance at the event “La Luce del Marmo”, the company aims to develop and expand the range application of stone in design. Thanks to the modern levels of applied technology, it is possible to obtain results of lightening and translucence from the most classic material, marble, suggesting it in new applications that up to recent times were unconceivable. Trame, the project by company bearing the signature of architect Pietro Carlo Pellegrini, will recall emotions, places and “trame”, in the sense of experiences connected to this noble material, in a way to show its intrinsic lightness and plasticity”.

Also Paolo Majello, head of Errebi Marmi, explains why they will attend the exhibition: “Errebi Marmi, attending the Fuorisalone event in Milan, wishes to introduce innovative ways of application of the natural stone material. Indeed, when we talk about marble, we immediately think of floors, claddings or sculptures. Actually, there are many other alternatives of application and uses of marble, and the works in the exhibition are a clear example of that”. Errebi participates in collaboration with Fibra with two products –Einston and Legaccio – created by the designer Nicola Venutelli.

Carlo Colombi, commercial director of Marmi Carrara, declares:“We firmly believe that every instrument aimed at promoting marble in all its aspects and uses is always valid and productive and the Fuorisalone certainly represents one of the most prestigious showcases attended by the best audience that every entrepreneur can hope for”. For this experience, the company has relied on Chicco Chiari, an artist famous for his joyful sculptures of Carrara marble that evoke the cherished icons of his youth. His work, Memories from the Future, will consist of luminescent “small ghosts” inspired to a famous videogame, made of white Carrara or Statuario marble. The four characters – She, Red, Azur and Screwball – will differ for the detail of their eyes.
The modular bookshelf Dotta by Sa.Ge.Van. Marmi is also very peculiar. It is designed by architects Diana Pelaez Cialdini and Franco Gemignani. The young Mexican designer, born in 1988, collaborates with Franco Gemignani, the company technical director, to develop architectural and design elements entirely made of marble. In particular, the focus of her study and design is the processing of what, in the jargon of quarriers, is commonly called “hairline” fractures of the mountain” (“pelo del monte”). Free-standing, linear and sober, Dotta combines the beauty of marble in its most basic form with new processing technologies. The wish to create an object with a unique design through waste material represents a further added value to the project.
The exhibition will also see the presence of important technical partners: beside Targetti Sankey, Lago will make available its distinctive and unique table, which will be the reference point for all business meetings, whereas I Profumi del Marmo, thanks to the air fresheners characterised by scents inspired by the marble and thanks to the refined tops in natural stone, will remind us that “marble is not only a stone material, but it is a persistent fragrance that brings back together harmonies and contrasts typical of the Apuo-Versilian territory.”

Main Sponsor: TargettiSankey
Technical Partners: Ds Trading, I Profumi del Marmo and Lago
With the Support of Comune di Carrara and ADI – Association for the Industrial Design