Living, discovering and tasting Carrara

During White Carrara Downtown, discover local wine and food products with special menus prepared for visitors and inspired by white marble.

Art and cooking have a deep connection rooted in history, passion and creativity

In spite of the vicinity of the sea, the traditional food of the Carrara region is deeply connected to the needs of quarrymen: meat, courtyard animals and high-calorie dishes cooked with particular steeping systems that made them suitable for preservation and able to stand severe temperature variations.

The traditional Lardo of Colonnata is worldwide renowned; the production of Lardo started 1500 years ago.
Delicious to be tasted naturally, in the past it was considered as a poor sandwich filling for quarrymen in need of energy. Today, just like yesterday, lard is the product that best represents the identity of our area together with other food of the tradition: salted codfish, pasta with beans, polenta incatenata and pancotto. Without forgetting the blue fish of our seas.

The menus presented are conceived to evoke the strong and inseparable connection between Carrara and its cooking tradition, with the aim of enthralling visitors with the most beautiful story ever: the story of Carrara and of the tough work in the mountains of white marble.

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