Finishing straight for WHITE CARRARA DOWNTOWN: From 14th to 18th June the Marble City will dress its Sunday best
Art exhibits, workshops open to the people, excursions to the marble quarries, shows, concerts, sculpture on the city streets and squares, food and drink but also business opportunities for the visitors and professionals people of the stone industry

White Carrara Downtown is the occasion for Carrara and the stone companies here based, to welcome and meet customers, buyers, journalists, stone professional people. Architects and designers. A new manner to give value to this land where the factories replace the Exhibition Halls and the marble quarries can be considered as an extension of the factories themselves

From the 10th to 18th June Carrara will offer to the visitors a special opportunity to know the city better. Thanks to specific tours, the peculiarities of a very charming place in Italy will be better known; a refined down town, delicious local food, concerts, shows and attracting events every evening will be organised.
Many opportunities including also a “Sight and Seeing Tour” to visit the Carrara downtown and the marble quarries by using cross-country vehicles with a stop to the Colonnata lard producers

A lot of relevant shows: on 11th June there will be the concert of the English artist and singer Sarah Jane Morris; on 16th June the concert of Richard Galliano, the jazz French accordionist; on 17th June the pianist Giovanni Allevi will perform into the magnificent marble quarry scenario with his 48 musicians. Furthermore “Sculpture en plein air” will involve many artists and young sculptors in a performance of sculpture made only by hands and without the help of mechanical tools.

But White Carrara Downtown will not only be art and entertainment; architects and Italian stone companies will be invited to do business directly into the factories and more 100 international stone business man will attend the event to increase the commercial relationships by scheduled meetings with the foreign buyers and by the so-said OPEN DAYS, during which the local companies will open their doors to clients looking for new stone materials, products and related specialized services.

IMM attended “Fuori Salone” in Milan to provide a relevant opportunity for the “right” promotion and communication in favour of the Carrara stone companies-said Mr Felici, IMM Chairman- We were successful in our task and We provided good business opportunities to the companies.
With WHITE CARRARA DOWNTOWN We want to continue the path already done, which is to say, to promote the marble by effective tools for the companies, confirming the crucial role of IMM activities in promoting the Carrara stone industry.
The initiatives planned for the WHITE CARRARA DOWNTOWN are better detailed as follows:

Art & the City– the visitors will be accompanied by marble works, significant from a technical or formal point of view, installed within the Carrara historic Downtown, showing the history, the culture, the tradition and the deep relationships between the marble and its territory. The works done for the “Fuori Salone” will exhibit as well.

Sight & Seeing Tour – by Tau Association; to discover Carrara and its peculiarities with a wide range of destinations; ticket valid 10 hours and shuttles leaving each 40 minutes to Carrara Downtown and its secrets , Roman quarry, Michelangelo quarry, Colonnata and the lard producer workshops. Possibility to visit an underground quarry by a cross-country vehicle.

Sculpture en plein air-The High School of Fine Arts, Carrara Municipality and IMM Carrara will organize a big event of sculpture made by hands in the hearth of Carrara, involving many artists and young sculptors The audience will be able to go in depth in this art also by individually trying to carve the marble under the supervision of the Accademia Professors

and also…”The Marble is served” by the Association Ristorando. Carrara will be lived, discovered and enjoyed by tasting its typical food with special menu just cooked for the foreign guests and with reference to the white marble. The proposed menu will speak about the strong relationship between Carrara and the local food (mainly the Carrara lard), telling to the visitors its healthful tradition made by a large variety of meals and about the hard work carried out by the men on the mountains of white marble

Walking with Art: a series of 5 Conferences about the artistic, historical and cultural researches in Carrara will be organised by the Cultural Association “La Formica”. 5 different manners to discover the Carrara city, just with a jump on the historical past, largely unknown, accompanied by the pleasant hearing of a telling voice. On the way the visitors will discover the >Carrara richness, hidden in niches or in secluded spots, astonishing with its history and past and the anecdotes about a closed church, a abandoned fountain or a portal of an empty home.

Exhibitions can be visited into the Historical Palaces, Museums and in the hearth of Carrara

White Carrara Downton is organised by IMM/Carrarafiere in partnership with Carrara Municipality / Marble Weeks, with the support of Regione Toscana and Toscana Promozione Turistica and in co-operation with Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara , Culturale La Formica, Ristorando , “Il Tau” Tour operator.

Communication Promotion and Marketing Office of IMM/CarraraFiere
Responsible Laura Malavolta